April 17, 2019

FAQ: your first support for any EBS issue

List of common EBS errors and their meaninings

error code error meaning how to solve
196 System error regarding the pin block see our post on pin block calculations
000 Approval
103 Format Error Invalid merchant or service provider
130 Invalid format The transaction has invalid format. After the transaction authorization, the terminal or external host will declined the response
178 Original request not found Returned if the voucher is not found for the particular phone number sent on the request of cash out voucher, the phone number entered isn’t the same as the one used to generate the voucher
158 Invalid processing code
161 Withdrawal limit exceeded
191 Destination not available The transaction destination (e.g. bank or biller) is unreachable, or didn’t respond during timeout period. In case of timeout with a biller, there is a chance that biller provided actual service to customer, so debited amount won’t be reversed.
194 Duplicate transaction
196 System error Unexpected error occurred in the system
201 Contact Card Issuer
205 External decline The external system, e.g. biller, has declined the transaction, usually because provided customer data are not accepted. E.g. wrong phone number for top-up transactions.
251 Insufficient fund Customer doesn’t have enough balance
281 Wrong customer information Mostly used to indicate wrong customer payment info that is not accepted by the biller, or a missing parameter of the “PersonalPaymentInfo” field.
338 PIN tries limit exceeded
355 Invalid PIN PIN entered was wrong
375 PIN Tries Limit Reached Customer reached the max allowed number of wrong PIN entries
362 Encryption error For future use
389 Invalid terminal ID
412 Invalid transaction The transaction is not allowed for the profile of this customer
413 Merchant limit exceeded
467 Invalid amount
514 Invalid track 2
536 Restricted card Card status is “Restricted”
541 Lost card
543 Stolen card
550 Closed card
552 Declared card
554 Expired card
600 Invalid client Id
601 Invalid Card Number Format
602 Invalid Expiry Date Format
603 Format Error There is a missing parameter of the transaction request, or invalid request in general.
604 Invalid Currency Code
605 Invalid Account Format
606 Invalid System Trace Audit Number Format
607 Invalid Personal Payment Information Format
608 Invalid Payee Identification
609 Invalid Phone Number Format
610 Invalid voucher number Format
611 Invalid Transaction Date Format
615 Invalid Service Id
616 Invalid original transaction system trace audit number Format
617 MCS Time out
618 This service cannot be reversed Related to reversal service
619 Invalid Terminal Id Format
620 Invalid PIN Format
621 Invalid Amount Format
622 Invalid Cash Back Amount Format
632 MCS Invalid Cash out Transaction due to Invalid voucher length
633 MCS invalid track2
923 Could not send the OTP
934 OTP expired
935 OTP tries limit exceeded
936 Invalid OTP
636 Invalid entityId
637 Invalid entityType
638 Invalid channelType
639 OTP ChannelId (phoneNO) Not Found for this Entity
903 No Data (OTP) found to be validated
905 OTP Operation Failed
634 Invalid OTP field
635 Invalid generated OTP id
696 MCS System Error

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