July 21, 2019

Notes on CashQ API

About CashQ CashQ is our upcoming mobile payment app. It heavily relies on QR for helping its users to do payments and many other features. It built on top of noebs, our free and open source payment gateway. Problem statement We wanted to build a reliable system without repeating ourselves. Huge part of our time is being wasted (and it would be) on EBS and Central Bank of Sudan internal processes. Read more

April 20, 2019

Pin block calculations for EBS

In financial transactions, pin block calculations is one of the most important tasks and it’s often a source for mistakes. In this article, we will be discussing pin block calculations in EBS system (it uses DES) while using our implementation, TA. TA is written in Python and it is used internally by our team for all of our testing and pin calculations. The source code is also available in Github. Read more

April 17, 2019

FAQ: your first support for any EBS issue

List of common EBS errors and their meaninings error code error meaning how to solve 196 System error regarding the pin block see our post on pin block calculations 000 Approval 103 Format Error Invalid merchant or service provider 130 Invalid format The transaction has invalid format. After the transaction authorization, the terminal or external host will declined the response 178 Original request not found Returned if the voucher is not found for the particular phone number sent on the request of cash out voucher, the phone number entered isn’t the same as the one used to generate the voucher 158 Invalid processing code 161 Withdrawal limit exceeded 191 Destination not available The transaction destination (e. Read more

April 17, 2019

noebs: the most secure middleware

API-first, high performant middleware. noebs is the most secure and modern middleware. What is noebs It is definitely not a replacement for EBS, if anything we embrace the use of EBS and its role as a unified switching system. But, we aim to provide a thin wrapper around EBS functionalities that can be exposed to both POS and mobile applications. A starting point where you can write your business logic. Read more

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